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Maria Charles
Ph.D., Stanford University
Research Interests

Maria Charles (Ph.D. Stanford University) is Professor and Chair of Sociology, Professor of Feminist Studies, Area Director for Sex and Gender research at the Broom Center for Demography, elected member of the Sociological Research Association, and member of diverse editorial boards, including American Sociological Review (2011-14), American Journal of Sociology (2008-10), and Contemporary Sociology (2006-08). Professor Charles specializes in the international comparative study of social inequalities, with particular attention to cross-national differences in women's economic, educational, and family roles. She has published extensively on the phenomenon of sex segregation, most recently on the ideological and organizational factors that contribute to female underrepresentation in engineering and the physical sciences around the world. Her book, Occupational Ghettos: The Worldwide Segregation of Women and Men (Stanford University Press, coauthored with David Grusky) received the Max Weber Award for Distinguished Scholarship in 2005. Her article "Indulging our Gendered Selves? Sex Segregation by Field of Study in 44 Countries" (American Journal of Sociology, coauthored with Karen Bradley), received the 2011 Distinguished Article Award from the American Sociological Association's Sex and Gender Section. Before arriving at UCSB, Professor Charles served on the Sociology faculty at UC San Diego (1994-2008), and was a postdoctoral researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (1991-1994). She received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Stanford University, and Bachelor’s degrees from UCSB in Environmental Studies and Political Science.

Teaching Areas

Professor Charles' teaching specialties include social inequality (gender, class, race) and quantitative methods.



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