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December 14

Score on the Final Exam are now available:
Average score: 76.55%
Median score: 78.23%
Highest score: 98.33%
Lowest score: 28.33%
Individual scores for the final are posted here

December 5

Lecture notes from Thursday's final review are up here

December 1

Lecture notes from today are up here

November 26


LAST CIVICS BONUS POINTS Event of the quarter is the Town Hall Forum Focused on Student Issues Hosted by Chancellor Yang. Monday, November 30, 2009, 3:30 p.m. in Campbell Hall.

November 25

Prof. Mohr's Office Hours on Tues (12/1) will be from 12:30-1:45 (instead of the usual time). (Also, Lecture notes from today are up here). 

November 22

NOTE: The Human Subjects Test module has (reportedly) been down for a while.  If you have not yet done so, you can go ahead and do your interview and complete your paper and complete the Human Subjects module afterwards. (Note: You must complete the Human Subjects Module before we will be able to give you a grade in the course, so please don't forget to take it if you have not yet done so). 

November 19

Lecture notes are up here.

November 13

As announced in lecture yesterday, you have 1 more BONUS point opportunity.  Yesterday you should have received an email from the survey center asking you to participate by forwarding the email to 5+ friends.  Details on this assignment are here.

November 10

Lecture Notes are up: here.

November 9b

New Good Civics Bonus credit event: -- SB Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Film Festival
Thursday, November 12, 8 pm.  See full announcement: here.

November 9a

Last Guest Lecturer Bonus Point:  The last guest lecturer of the quarter is Cameron Tummel who will join us on Thursday.  Cameron is not an academic but a professional musician. There are no readings but you can peruse his webpage and use that as a basis for writing a question for him.  As usual the question is due on the Tuesday before the lecture (e.g., tomorrow) by 6:00 PM. Email the question to your TA. Also, tell us when you submit your question whether you're OK with me identifying you by name in the lecture, and also if you're OK with me giving you the chance to ask your question to the speaker directly (as I did in Dr. Oliver's lecture last week) should your question be chosen.

November 8 Prof. Mohr's Office hours on Thursday (11/12) this week will be from 3:00-4:00 (instead of the usual 12:30-1:30).
November 7 Notes from the Oliver guest lecture are up (here). Also, I have made extensive modifications to the paper assignment web page. Be sure and read through this again before you start on the interview process.  All of that is here.  Finally, catching up a little bit, I have now posted recent student event pictures here.
November 3 Scores for the second midterm are up! They are posted here. Remember you get to keep the higher of your two scores.
October 31c New Extra credit points -- I've added several more opportunities, See listing: here.
October 31b

MIDTERM: Don't forget (just like last time) you NEED TO BRING a Pink Scantron, Pencils & eraser. Also, remember you now have a new study guide resource, last Tuesday's midterm is online here.

October 31a

Schedule & Readings changed. In order to adjust for the lost lecture this coming Tuesday I have re-organized the schedule. The main implication is that the due date on some readings have changed. This week there is one less reading (Omi & Winant) which we'll read next week. See the Readings page (and remember to reload the page since it has changed). here.

October 30


New Extra credit points -- This is a perfect opportunity to connect with the week's readings. This Monday at MCC, 5:00 PM "Harvey Louis Gates Case and Race Relations in America." See full announcement: here.

October 29


Also, I have posted the graphs from this morning's iClicker survey (go to the last page for the comparison as shown above). here.

October 29

Lecture Notes are up. here.

October 28

Midterm Grades are Up! Here.

October 27

The MIDTERM. OK, OK. So that was NOT the best way to administer a mid-term. No one is happy (for those of you who missed it, some SNAFUs on my part and a broken xerox machine meant we did the exam on the powerpoint, it seemed like a good idea at the time...) Anyway, I've already heard from lots of you on this. So, here is what I will do. Anyone who wants to can take the midterm exam again. I will make a new exam and you can then keep whichever score is the higher of the two. The New MAKE-UP midterm (for everyone) will be next Tuesday during the regular lecture time (So there will be NO LECTURE next Tuesday).

October 26

The Make-Up Midterm Exam. If you have the flu then please do not come to the exam tomorrow. There will be a make-up exam given next week for everyone who is away on an excused absence or too ill to come to class. To exercise the option of taking a "Sick-Day", please email your TA. We will be in contact with you about the time of the make-up exam.

October 22c

By the of the questions on last year's midterm was wrong. It's Q#6 on Form A.
George Herbert Mead’s ‘I’ is to Sigmund Freud’s ‘id’ as the me is to the
___?. "Ego" is really the better answer, but we ended up just throwing out the question because of the ambiguity.

October 22b

Lecture Notes are up. here. Also, a number of you have emailed about the music. Thanks for asking, glad you liked it. Let me remind you that I try to post whatever I play-- here.

October 22a

MIDTERM Next Tuesday. Bring Pink Scantron, Pencils & eraser. Here is a quick link to last year quarter's midterm-- here. (AND (by request) — here is a link to the same exam without the correct answers marked).

October 20

Lecture Notes from today have been posted here.

October 16b

Notes from Friedland Guest Lecture have been posted here.

October 16a

Yeah -- I really was w/o the internet for 2 days. Whoo! OK, I am back and I posted a bunch of student pics at campus events. Thanks for sending them in. Remember ALSO send them to your TA. I am not recording grades -- the TAs are. Check out the pics here.


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September 24

Welcome to Soc 1!

September 28a

Readings for the week (and the quarter) have been posted on the Readings Page. You have the option of downloading the readings for the quarter (and reading them on the screen or printing them yourself) or you can purchase a reader from Grafikart that has all of the quarters' readings printed and bound. They will not be ready at Grafikart until the end of the week (I think). Please note that there is a new reading assigned for this week!

Grafikart, 6550 Pardall Rd. phone: 805-968-3575

September 28b You do need to purchase an iClicker from the UCen Bookstore (its downstairs in the textbooks section). It will cost you about $38 (+tax) and you can keep it to use for the duration of your time at UCSB. You will use this to login at lectures and to take quizes, etc.
September 28c

Oops. The original posting of the reading by Anthony Giddens for this week was missing pages 4-5 (sorry about that). Thanks to Deborah for finding that error. It has been corrected.

September 29

Lecture from today has been posted on Lectures page.
Also, reader should be available at Grafikart tomorrow (9/30) afternoon.

September 30a

Second Honors Section to be created. Class will meet Thursday 2:00-3:00 (HSSB 1224)
Some spots will also be made available in the original section, Tuesday 2:00-3:00 (HSSB 2202).
If you are in the Honor's program and you have contacted me this week about adding an Honor's section, please attend tomorrow's Honor's section class and we will sort things out there.

September 30b

Reader is now available at Grafikart (see above). Cost is $23.16

October 2

By the way, a third option is to just buy the books yourselves. See the notes I just added here.

October 5

Campus Event: Teach-in on the current UC crisis here.

October 6a

Extra credit points announced: here.

October 6b

Lectures Notes are up. here.

October 6c

Human Rights Week Events — Lots to do next week! See notice here. And here.
Also, I added some of these events to the list of Good Civics Bonus Point opportunities.
See page.

October 7

Please (1) bring your iClicker to class tomorrow (Thurs 10/8) and (2) use the instructions included with your iClicker to register it online. Here is the website.

October 8a

Lectures Notes are up. here.

October 8b

Reading tips for next week. Beware--these are the toughest readings of the whole quarter. Especially Dr. Friedland's essay is going to be a real challenge. I have just added some notes for you on what sections to emphasize as you read. These notes are next to the relevant readings on the readings page, here.

October 12a

Extra Credit Notes: Here is an updated schedule for the Teach-in on Wed: Link.

The Survey on Sexuality & Religion will be available tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/13) and you'll have two days to take it. You'll be receiving email with a login ID so check your umail accounts tomorrow.

I added another Good Civics event, “The Latina Moment:” The Nomination and Appointment of Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice w/ Prof. Edwina Barvosa and Prof. Pei-te Lien

October 12b

Like Making Movies? Have any Skills in editing (etc.)? The Honors Sections of Soc 1 this quarter are making short videos related to themes in the class and we could use some technical assistance. Interested? Send me an email: Prof. Mohr.

October 13a

Survey invitation emails have been sent. Check your umail account. Please take the survey before Thursday's lecture.

October 13b

Here is an interesting essay on the Teach-in -- as it existed 40 years ago! Compare this with tomorrow's event. See essay.

October 13c

Lecture notes from today's guest lecture have been posted. Here. Also I just added a page listing music played during lectures Here.

October 13d

Change in Office Hours for Prof. Mohr this Thursday. Instead of the usual time I will hold office this Thursday (10/15) from 3:00-4:00.


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