student achievements

The Sociology Department offers many students grants for research and presentations of research.

In addition, departmental graduate students have won numerous awards for their research, teaching, and service. Please join the department in congratulating the following students on their recent accomplishments.

2017-2018 Central Fellowship Awards

Annie Hikido, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship/GRMP

Janelle Pham, President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Lillian Jungleib, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Liliana Rodriguez, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Alexandra Ornelas, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant


2017-18 ASA Minority Fellowship Program Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Salvador Rangel


2016-2017 Central Fellowship Awards

Corrie Ellis, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Onur Kapdan, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Annie Hikido, James D. Kline Fund for International Studies Award

2016 Lancaster Dissertation Award-Social Sciences

Summer Gray 

2015-2016 Central Fellowship Awards

Daisy Gonzales, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship/GRMP 

Bridget Harr, President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Alyssa Newman, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship


2014-2015 Central Fellowship Awards

Daisy Gonzales, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship/GRMP 

Lauren Alfrey, Dean's Fellowship

Elizabeth Rahilly, Dean's Fellowship

Steven Osuna, President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Sarah Rios, President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Deborah Hobden, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Heather Hurwitz, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Jeb Sprague, Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship


2014-2015 Awards and Achievements

Center for New Racial Studies Research Grant Awards: Maryam Griffin, Chandra Russo

MOST writing award: Summer Gray, Megan Tabag


2013-2014 Awards and Achievements

Academic Senate Outstanding T.A. Award and GSA Excellence in Teaching Award: Steven Osuna

Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship: Alexandra Ornelas

Jackie McLean Fellow, Univ. of Hartford : Cesar “Che” Rodriguez

Visiting Graduate Scholar Award, Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality and UC Davis: Sarah Rios

Jack Henning Graduate Fellowship: Janette Diaz

Gettysburg College pre/post-doctoral fellowship: Christina Jackson

Center for Middle East Studies, Language Grant: Maryam Griffin

Flacks Award: Maryam Griffin, Chandra Russo, Anna Sorensen

Broom Demography Center Research Grant: Cassandra Engeman, Bridget Harr

MOST writing award: Daisy Gonzales, Melissa Guzman

Center for New Racial Studies Research Grant Awards: Steven Osuna, Jeb Sprague 

Chicano Studies Institute Award: Janette Diaz, Jerry Flores, Melissa Guzman, Monica Lomeli, Steven Osuna, Sarah Rios

Graduate Deans Advancement Fellowship: Sarah Rios


2013-2014 Central Fellowship Awards

Jonathan Gomez: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

Melissa MacDonald: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

Shae Miller: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

Christina Jackson: President’s Dissertation Fellowship

Jason Hopkins: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Erik Nielsen: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship:

Janette Diaz: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant

Anna Sorensen: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant

Jeb Sprague: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant


2012-2013 Central Fellowship Awards

Jeb Sprague: Dean's Fellowship

Summer Gray: Graduate Research & Mentorship Fellowship

Greg Prieto: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Cassandra Engeman: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant

Monica Lomeli: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant


2012-2013 Awards and Achievements

Steven Osuna: Graduate Dean's Advancement Fellowship Summer 2013

Shaeleya Miller: Graduate Dean's Advancement Fellowship Spring 2013

Heather Hurwitz: Graduate Dean's Advancement Fellowship Spring 2013

Rachel Sarabia: Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship for 2012-13

Melissa Guzman: Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship for 2012-13

Summer Gray: James D. Kline Fund for International Studies

Jason Hopkins:Flacks Fund for the Study of Democratic Possibilities

Heather Hurwtiz:Flacks Fund for the Study of Democratic Possibilities

Daraka Larimore-Hall:Flacks Fund for the Study of Democratic Possibilities


2011-2012 Central Fellowship Awards

Alison Crossley: Dean's Fellowship & Research Grant

Alexis McCurn: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Veronica Montes: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Jerry Flores: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

Yousef Baker: Graduate Research & Mentorship Fellowships

Erik Nielsen: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant

Che Rodriguez: Humanities and Social Sciences Research Grant


2011-2012 Awards and Achievements

Jeb Sprague received the 2011 Distinguished Graduate Student Award of the California Sociological Association (CSA). He also published an article titled "Empire, Global Capitalism, and Theory" with the journal Current Perspectives in Social Theory.

Janette Diaz: Cressey Award

2010-2011 Awards and Achievements

Jerry Flores has received the Ford Foundation Diversity Pre-Doctoral Fellowship for 2011-2014. Jerry's dissertation analyzes how girls are negotiating gender, violence, and learning at a community school and juvenile detention facility in southern California. His other areas of research include studies of race and ethnicity, correctional education, and ethnographic research methods.

Joe Conti received the 2010 Lancaster Dissertation Award in the social sciences. The dissertation "Power through Process: Disputing at the World Trade Organization" The dissertation is forthcoming with Stanford University Press this fall under the title "Between Law and Diplomacy: the social contexts of disputing at the World Trade Organization."

Alison Crossley received the 2009 Distinguished Service Award in the Feminist Studies Department

Gladys García-López received the 2010 Cheryl Allyn Miller Award from Sociologists for Women in Society for her research on Chicana attorneys. She is also a recipient of the Cristina Maria Riegos Student Paper Award from ASA's Latina/o  Sociology Section for her article, "Nunca Te Toman En Cuenta [They  Never Take You Into Account: The Challenge of Inclusion and  Strategies for Success of Chicana Attorneys] published in Gender &  Society, October 2008

Debra Guckenheimer: Her paper, "Unity and Invisible Identities: Toward an  Intersectional Analysis of Israeli Society" won the ASA's Race, Class,  and Gender Section's graduate student paper award. Congratulations to Debra also for receiving a Visiting Asst. Professor position at Bowdin College.

Christina Jackson co-authored an article published in Sociology Compass entitled "Art as Propaganda: Bringing Du Bois into the Sociology of Art."

Verta Taylor and Katrina Kimport received the 2010 "best published article award" from the ASA's Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements. The winning article "Culture and Mobilization: Tactical Repertoires, Same-Sex Weddings, and the  Impact on Gay Activism" appeared in the American Sociological Review in December of 2009 (74:865-90, by Verta Taylor, Katrina Kimport, Nella VanDyke, and Ellen Andersen).

Neda Maghbouleh received the 2010-11 UC New Racial Studies Graduate Research Grant and the 2010 Flacks Fund Award. She also received the 2010-11 Barbara and Steve Mendell Graduate Fellowship in Cultural Literacy, Walter H. Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion, and Pulbic Life. Neda also published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Intercultural Studies(Routledge) titled "Inherited Nostalgia among Second Generation Iranians" April 2010

 Alexis McCurn received the two-year Scholars Supplement Award with Professor Nikki Jones from the William T. Grant Foundation in 2009 through 2011. This ($60,000) award is to help her professional mentorship under the support of Professor Jones.

Emily Tumpson Molina received a 2010 Horowitz Foundation Award for her dissertation project "Race and the Residential Foreclosure Crisis." The Foundation selected Emily's project for "Special Recognition" with its Robert K. Merton Award.

Veronica Montes is the recipient of the Chow-Green Women of Color Dissertation Scholarship 2010

Rebecca Romo received the 2010 UC Mexus Dissertation Research Grant

Tracy Royce received the 2009 Outstanding TA Award in the Feminist Studies Department

Christine Shearer received the "best student paper" award from the Natural Resources Research Group. The paper award was based on her dissertation, "Kivalina: A Climate Change Story " which will be published by Haymarket Books this spring.

Jeb Sprague published "Statecraft in the Global Financial Crisis: A Discussion with Kanishka Jayasuriya" in the Journal of Critical Globalisaiton Studies and "Transnational Capitalist Class in the Global Financial Crisis: A Discussion with Leslie Sklair" in the journal Globalizations.

Rebecca Romo published "Between Black and Brown: Blaxican (Black-Mexican) Multiracial Identity  in California" in the Journal of Black Studies: Volume 42 Issue 3 April 2011 pp. 402 - 426.


2010-2011 Central Fellowship Awards

Erik Nielsen: Dean's Fellowship

Jordan Camp: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Brooke Neely: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Ingrid Li: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Clayton Childress: Graduate Research & Mentorship Fellowships

Brianne Davila: Graduate Research & Mentorship Fellowships

Melissa Guzman: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship


2009-2010 Central Fellowship Awards

Ingrid Li: Dean's Fellowship

Stacie Furia: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Zeynep Korkman: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Christine Shearer: Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship

Andrew Lee: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

Clayton Childress: Graduate Research Mentorship Program

Jordan Camp: Humanities & Social Sciences Research Grant and the Cressey Award

Josef Castaneda-Liles: Humanities & Social Sciences Research Grant

Kevin Whitehead: President's Dissertation Year Fellowship

Greg Prieto: Flacks Fund Award


2008-2009 Fellowship Awards

Gladys Garcia-Lopez: Ford Dissertation Fellowship

Rachel Sarabia: Ford Predoctoral Fellowship, 3 years

Rebecca Romo: American Sociological Association Minority Fellowship Program

Brianne Davila: Linguistics Minority Research Institute Grant

James Walsh: Pacific Rim Research Program Mini-grant

Cosme Caal: Rotary Club International Fellowship



Carlos Alamo Pastraña: Vassar College Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Francesca Degiuli: UCSB Faculty Fellowship in Global and International Studies


2006-2007 Research Awards

Tim Mechlinski: UCSD Center for Comparative Immigration Studies Visiting Research Fellow

Karl Bryant: UCSB’s NSF Center for Nanotechnology in Society Graduate Fellowship

Danielle Antoinette Hidalgo: Mid-South Sociological Association’s Stanford M. Lyman Dissertation Scholarship and Newcomb College Center for Research on Women’s Dissertation Award.

Catherine R Medrano: Ford Foundation’s Pre-doctoral Diversity Fellowship and UCSB’s Center for Chicano Studies’ Graduate Research Award

Kevin Whitehead: South African National Research Foundation Prestige Scholarship for Doctoral Study Abroad (this award has continued from 2004)

Joe Conti: UCDC Washington Center’s Graduate Fellowship and the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Dissertation Research Grant: John L. Stanley Award for Political Ethics.

Moira O’Neil: UCDC Washington Center’s Graduate Fellowship

Brianne A. Dávila: Ford Foundation’s Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship (Honorable Mention) and American Sociological Association/National Institute of Mental Health’s Minority Fellowship Program (continued from 2004)


2006-2007 Awards for Written Works

Molly George: Labor Studies Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problem’s Braverman Graduate Student Paper Award

Danielle Antoinette Hidalgo: Mid-South Sociological Association’s Graduate Student Paper of Distinction Award

Kevin Whitehead: Western States Communication Association’s Language and Social Interaction Paper Award

Karl Bryant: American Sociological Association Section on Children & Youth Graduate Student Paper Award


2006-2007 Other Awards

Nathaniel Pyle: Santa Barbara Gay and Lesbian Business Association’s Student Scholarship Award and Congressional Recognition

Danielle Hidalgo: Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (Thai)


2005-2006 Research Awards

Tim Mechlinski: Wenner-Gren Foundation’s International Dissertation Research Fellowship

Karl Bryant: American Sociological Association’s Martin Levine Dissertation Fellowship

Joe Conti: UC James D. Kline Fund for International Studies Award

Brianne A. Dávila: UCSB’s Center for Chicano Studies’ Graduate Research Award


2005-2006 Teaching Awards

Francesca Degiuli: UCSB Residence Halls’ Winter 2006 Outstanding Faculty Award


2005- 2006 Other Awards

Karl Bryant: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Sisters' Economic and Social Justice Scholarship, and San Francisco LGBT Center’s Vie en Rose Children's Advocate Award

Moira O’Neil: Graduate Research Mentorship Program Fellowship

Brianne A. Dávila: May Department Stores Scholar’s Hispanic Scholarship Fund


2004-2005 Other Awards

Erik Love: Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (Arabic)

Catherine R Medrano: Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

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