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Zakiya Luna's research is in the areas of social change, sociology. of law, health and inequality. Professor Luna is particularly interested in social movements, human rights and reproduction with an emphasis on the effects of intersecting inequalities within and across these sites. She was the lead author of the Reproductive Justice review article in the 2013 Annual Review of Law and Social Science. She has also published in Research in Social Movements, Conflict and Change; Feminist Studies; and other journals. She is currently writing a book manuscript on the reproductive justice movement entitled Reproductive Justice for All: Identity, Rights, and the (Re) Making of a Movement. She is co-editor and co-creator of the University of California Press book series, Reproductive Justice: A New Vision for the 21st Century. She earned a joint PhD in Sociology and Women's Studies from University of Michigan, where she also earned her Masters of Social Work. See Dr. Luna's faculty webpage On Wednesday March 4, 2015 at 4pm she will give a UCCNRS talk on "Reproductive Justice: Identity, Rights, and Social Movement Conflicts" at the UCSB MultiCultural Center.