Loving Your Breasts

Loving Your Breasts


Despite heavy influence from pornographic footage and the media, most men find proportional breasts more attractive than large, fake breasts.  Many women who have large breasts will even tell you that it is not as ideal as society has made it to be.  Often times, small-breasted women have some advantages than those with breast implants or exceptionally large breasts. There are many reasons to love the breasts that you have and most importantly the body you were born with.

On the side of health, large breasts have been known to cause back problems, physical hindrance in sports, and pain during exercise. Getting breast implants [insert link to Breast Augmentation] will also put you at risk for health complications during and after the surgery. It is important to know these risks in order to make smart decisions for your body.  Implants are filled with saline or silicone.  Silicone is a solution that can be harmful if it leaks from the implant. The later reconstruction of breasts has a higher chance of complications, as does the length of time you have the implants. All invasive surgeries come with risks of anesthesia and other complications that could be harmful or fatal. Recovering from surgery is also a long and painful process that will take months. In rare cases, women developed breast cancer, gangrene, toxic shock syndrome, osteoarthritis, systemic lupus, and other connective tissue diseases. There are a large percentage of women who are still unsatisfied with their breasts post-operation due to size, feel, and shape not fitting their expectations. Women who have complications may not be able to breast feed or have nerve damage, rendering your breasts insensitive or unresponsive to touch. Not only are there complications, but receiving breast implants they are very expensive. The procedure costs about $4,000-$7,000 plus the cost of MRI's and there is always the chance that you may have additional hospital bills if a complication presents itself.

Getting implants also sends the message that your body is wrong and that you need a corrective surgery to fix it. Not only are you contributing to sending this to society, but also young females in your life that their bodies will not perfect without large breasts. Most men agree that they find a large range of women attractive, large breasts among smaller chests, but confidence and staying in shape is mostly always attractive. Changing your body will not enhance the meaningful relationships in your life and most likely will not increase the chances of meeting a respectful or loving partner.

Many women even get breast reductions due to back pain and breast pain. Some women find it difficult to run and play various sports due to the large size of their breasts. Getting implants may also cause these difficulties. Many athletes have small breasts due to rigorous exercise, but they are also in shape and have attractive bodies despite having small chests. Small-breasted women also find clothing that fits them must easier, as fashion has been largely based on small, thin women. Even showing too much cleavage can be seen as disrespectful in various situations, such as in church and professional realms. Larger breasts can be more difficult to cover or even find bathing suits and bras that fit correctly for them.

Issues with "False Advertising"

Some women feel uncomfortable wearing a padded bra or other enhancement because they think it is "false advertising." A woman with this concern is worried that her partner will feel cheated when he discovers that her natural breasts are smaller than he originally thought. My personal opinion is that most guys are so happy to become involved in a sexual interaction that they really don?t care that much about the woman's breast size. Honestly, I have found that guys care more about the nipples than the size of the breast. If you do find a guy who does have a problem with your breasts, just consider the situation. Do you want to sleep with someone who thinks differently of you because of your breast size? I honestly feel sorry for guys who have this problem (although I have never run into one), because breast size has absolutely nothing to do with sexual ability or sensitivity.

The Positives of Having Small Breasts

Another thing that is important to remember is the benefit of small breasts. I do not have to wear a bra if I do not want to. I do not have back problems or poor posture because of the weight of my breasts. And I can wear a padded bra to make my breasts look bigger if I want to, but it is much more difficult for women with larger breasts to make them look smaller. Jogging, riding horseback, or riding in a car with stiff suspension does not hurt me nearly as much as it would hurt a woman with larger breasts. Take a look at Kate Hudson or Gwenyth Paltrow, and remember that you can be absolutely gorgeous without large breasts. Sure, they are a physical marker of womanhood, but there is so much more to being a woman than having breasts.

Despite if you have a small cup size or a large cup size, feeling great about your body should be your primary goal. Breasts or all sizes can give a woman pleasure to the touch, the ability to feed their babies, and overall satisfaction. Dwelling on the sizes and proportions of various body parts can be damaging to self-esteem and confidence. Women and men of all sizes can feel confident and reassured in the fact that their bodies are unique and beautiful.



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