Manual Stimulation

Manual stimulation involves one partner using one or both hands to stimulate the other partner's genitals. This type of sexual behavior is common, and is often included in foreplay. Partners may orgasm from manual stimulation alone however, and the activity does not have to lead up to more sexual activity. When engaging in this sexual behavior with a partner, it is wise to use extra lubrication to ensure a pleasurable experience and to decrease possibly uncomfortable friction.

Manual Stimulation of the Vulva

When a person manually stimulates a female partner, it is commonly referred to as fingering. It is common for a partner to insert one to two (or more) fingers into the vagina to stimulate the g-spot. However, since women often experience more pleasure from stimulation of the clitoris, a partner may use a thumb, palm or fingers to rub, stroke, massage or caress the clitoris and the surrounding areas of the vulva. Some women like a lot of pressure, and some prefer a gentler touch. It is wise to communicate with a partner about what you both like and dislike.

Manual Stimulation of the Penis

When a person manually stimulates a male partner, it is commonly referred to as a hand job. It is common for a partner to use one or both hands to grip the penis and move them in an up and down motion to stimulate the penis. Some men also enjoy having their testicles involved in the stimulation. A partner may gently cup or tug on the testicles in one hand or rub them. Partners should communicate about what feels best and what they feel comfortable do

Mutual Masturbation

Both male masturbation and female masturbation may play healthy roles in an individual's sex life. Instead of keeping masturbation a solo event however, it may also be a fun and intimate activity when performed with a partner. You can masturbate your partner, or you can touch yourself in the presence of your partner. You can also masturbate together at the same time, or stimulate one another at the same time. Not only is this activity enjoyable, it can also be a very educational experience. You may learn the likes and dislikes of your partner by paying attention to techniques he or she uses during masturbation.

There are several things you can do to make mutual masturbation more enjoyable. First, make sure your partner is comfortable with the idea of masturbating together. Some people may think masturbation is a private practice; others may be thrilled to share the experience. Second, make sure there is plenty of lube around. Touching yourself and your partner is usually easier and less rough when lubrication is applied. Experimenting with different brands of lube may be a fun experience as well. Lastly, as with any sexual activity, practice safer sex. If you plan on touching yourself and your partner in ways that could transmit sexual fluids, be sure to use a barrier method of birth control. Also, it is wise to wash your hands before manually stimulating yourself, or a partner, to avoid spreading any germs or bacteria from the hands to the genitals



Created March 9, 2011, Updated June 3, 2012