Queefing Demystified

What is a Queef?

Most people have probably heard about or experienced the strange occurrence known as a "queef." It is a fart-like sound that can occur while making love. Queefing is also known as varting, pussy farting, and fanny farting-- among other names.

These names can be, and often are, very misleading. A queef is simply an expulsion of air from the vagina. It is usually odorless because it is not a byproduct of waste in the body.


What causes a queef?

When a woman is aroused during intercourse, her vagina expands, and excess air is allowed into it. Once the penis enters, there is less room for the air, and it escapes around the penis. Also, after sexual arousal, the vagina shrinks back to its normal size, and air can be expelled at this time. The noise is caused by the vibration of the air passing out of the vaginal structures.

Stretching and exercise can also cause queefs because air can enter the vagina when the body is in various positions.

Most importantly, queefing is a common and natural experience, and is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.


What activities can lead to queefing?

Changing positions frequently during sex can increase the occurrence of queefs. In general, the more times the penis is completely withdrawn from the vagina and reinserted, the more likely a woman is to expel air from her vagina. This is because more air is likely to enter when the penis is removed, and when the woman is penetrated again, it is likely to be pushed out.


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