Sexual Positions for Overweight Individuals & Pregnant Couples

Many overweight individuals or pregnant couples that engage in sexual activity may find themselves in positions that are both unfulfilling and uncomfortable. Here are a few sex positions that promote safe, enjoyable sexual activity while avoiding common problems caused by weight or size. Give them a try!

Woman Supported on Top 

Having one partner on top of another can be somewhat difficult if both partners have big bellies, but there is a way around this obstacle. In this position, a couple of pillows can be placed under one partner's bottom for comfort, while the other partner takes position on top. One partner places their hands on the ground for support, and leans back against their partner’s bent legs. The partner on top positions their feet firmly against a surface for stability.


Big Flying Legs

One partner, while upright on their knees, lifts the ankles of another partner and places them on their shoulders. One partner will hold on to their partner’s hips, or lift their partners butt with their hands. Pillows can be used for support in this position to increase comfort. During penetration, partners can explore the other’s body by rubbing the other’s legs, arms and hips for further stimulation. 


Doggy Style

Doggy style is a commonly used position, although certain body types may still not be able to pull this one off. A belly that's tight and reaches all the way down to the lower abdomen is may interfere with this position. The other positions may be better suited for anyone with too large a belly. One partner takes position behind a partner. The partner in front places their hands and knees on a surface, while the other partner penetrates from behind. A partner’s hips can be used as leverage for thrusting. If both partners are comfortable and willing, a little spank on the bottom can add to the stimulation.  

Plenty of fun for all

There are plenty of sexually stimulating activities for lovers to enjoy, but the key is to keep the ideas as novel as possible. We urge everyone to try new things, for this is the only way to truly figure out what feel best. 


Last Updated 21 January 2013. 



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