Inducing Labor

Labor induction (also referred to as inducing labor) is when uterine contractions are stimulated to begin the process of labor during a vaginal birth. Labor induction is not a new practice. In fact, it dates back to Ancient Greece as Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Medicine, recorded descriptions of dilating the cervical canal.1 Labor induction has evolved significantly as time has progressed. There are now a wide array of options available to consider when consulting your obstetrician about the best option for you. 

Sex and Poppers

Rumination Disorder

Sex And Depression

Depression is a very common mental disorder impacting the lives of millions of Americans every year.1 In addition to affecting a person’s mood, energy, and physical health, depression can also impact an individual’s sex life, both in terms of desire and function.2 Fortunately, depression can be treated and there are resources available to ease the burden of depression.