Planning a Romantic Getaway

Whether it is your first vacation with your romantic partner or you have been doing this for years, it is important to follow some basic principles when planning a fun and memorable getaway.

Set a Budget

Before you go extreme on the planning, make sure to set aside a reasonable amount of funds for the trip. This means that you should compromise on spending- if you decide to get massages one day, plan an inexpensive activity for the next.

  • For example, try going hiking or spending the day at the beach. These activities can be just as enjoyable as costly ones. The most important aspect is that the two of you are setting aside time for each other.

This means you should also calculate transportation costs into your decision; you need not travel around the world to create a memorable vacation. Even just staying at a bed and breakfast in an adjacent town can provide a relaxing escape.

  • Cruises, like those to the Caribbean or Mexico, can provide an inexpensive and fun method of travel. Also, many ship prices include transportation, lodging, and meals. This will give you a more reasonable idea of what you will be paying so that you are less likely to go over budget. Also, it can allow you and your partner to visit a variety of locations rather than just staying in one town.

Choose a Destination

When planning a romantic vacation, it is important to find a destination that is important to the two of you. This means you should also take travel time into account.

  • If the relationship is still new, it is best to start out with a short weekend trip close to home. This way you can allow your relationship to develop and save the longer vacations for the future. By choosing a nearby destination, you can maximize the relaxation time and minimize the jet lag.

Also, be sure to research activities around the area. For example, use websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages to locate restaurants, hotels, and activities near your destination. Since sites like these include user reviews and pictures, they provide extra security to ensure your plans will turn out as expected.

Enjoy the Bumps

Do not worry if plans do not turn out exactly as intended. How you handle conflicts reflects a lot about your behavior, so it is important to manage vacation troubles in a calm and carefree manner.

  • For example, if your baggage gets lost at the airport terminal then try to make light of the issue and buy tacky tourist clothing (Hawaiian shirts, fanny, packs, and a visor). Getting upset will just cause the burden to escalate. Rather than stressing out about the problem, you and your partner will be able to share a funny experience together and laugh at the memories. Also, you will have some hilarious vacation photos!

While some level of scheduling is imperative to a successful vacation, remain open to spontaneity.

  • For example, take advantage of your surroundings. If you see a live band on the way back from a restaurant, ask your partner to dance. Unexpected moments can take your breath away and add extraordinary experiences to the adventure. 

Even if you are planning out a surprise, leave a couple of activities open for your partner’s input. That way, he or she can feel like a part of some decisions.

  • Ask them if they would rather go hiking or surfing that day? You could also see if they would rather have a picnic in the park or visit an art museum?

Dedicate Yourself to Your Partner

Use this getaway to connect and communicate with your partner. Set aside your cell phone and computer so that you can focus on fully enjoying this experience with the person you love. If you must take a phone call at any point, be sure to ask your partner’s permission first so that they know you are taking his or her feelings into account.

You can also make the vacation special by bringing a meaningful item on the trip.

  • For instance, you can surprise your partner by bringing a bottle of the type of wine you drank at your wedding or the souvenir wine glasses.
  • If you used to always play Scrabble together, bring the board game and set it up one night.

This allows you to reflect on the positive memories of the past while building new ones for the future.

Another possibility is to begin a new tradition together.

  • Collect an item from each destination you visited. For example, you can buy a postcard and write down some vacation memories on the back. Whenever you feel stressed at home, you can look back at the postcard and count down the days until the next experience.

Spend an Evening In

You can make this getaway especially romantic by staying in for an intimate evening together.

  • Place rose petals on the bed (you can buy fake ones so that they do not stain).
  • Bring massage oils, scented candles, and sex toys you have always wanted to try.

Allow yourself to unwind and try things you would normally not do. If you find something you really enjoy, incorporate it into your home experiences. 

If Your Partner Did All the Planning

Likewise, if your partner is the one who planned the whole trip, offer to split the cost. At the very least, insist on paying for a romantic dinner one night or cook them their favorite meal to show your appreciation. Also be sure to acknowledge how much gratitude you have towards your partner for planning out this adventure. Thank them for all of their hard work and remark on the experiences you have enjoyed with positivity. This will confirm to your partner that you were glad to be part of the romantic getaway.\








Last Updated 27 April 2013.