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What did Laud Humphrey study in his controversial dissertation and book the “Tearoom Trade?”


He studied the way in which tea can be used to promote sexual arousal

He studied male homosexual sex acts in public places

He studied male-to-female transsexuals who had recently undergone sex change operations

He studied lesbian intimacy in Japan

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What did Alfred Kinsey aim to demonstrate in creating the Kinsey Scale?


Homosexuality is not a psychological disease.

Heterosexuality and homosexuality are very distinct, can be rigidly defined, and are easily observed.

Sexual orientation lies on a continuum and is more fluid than it was previously believed to be.

Modern women were eating too much and needed a reminder about obesity.

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What does LGBTQ stand for?


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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender QueerLesbian gay bisexual transsexual
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How many U.S. states have legalized gay marriage?LB






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Which of these is false?


Of the U.S. states, California has the least amount of hate groups overall.


California actually has the highest number of hate groups of the U.S. states, although these hate groups do not just focus exclusively on members of the LGBT community, but also commit racial and gendered violence as well.

In 2011, California was the first state to pass a bill requiring  public schools to teach the history of gays and lesbians.

There was a law that banned gay and lesbian foreigners from entering the U.S. and was not repealed until 1990.