Individual Rights and Self-Worth

Every person is born with and entitled to their own inalienable rights.  Unfortunately, many of these rights can be violated by other persons.  While reading this, we hope you learn what your own rights are, as well as the rights of others.  Recognize when people are crossing your own, personal space and infringing upon your rights and when you are violating theirs.


Incest Laws in the United States

Sexual Harassment

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment describes a wide variety of sexually inappropriate behaviors towards both men and women. Whether it be at work, school, or in a social situation, sexual harassment is a problem that takes multiple forms which can range from unwelcome, suggestive comments, or leading to an aggravated sexual assault (rape).1

The Cycle of Domestic Violence

Disclaimer: We acknowledge that there are many different words that individuals use to describe themselves after experiencing sexual assault. In this article we use the term ‘victim’ for the sake of consistency. We acknowledge that there are many different ways of processing sexual violence, and believe each individual person should choose the language that they are most comfortable with.

Characteristics of a Batterer