Female Orgasmic Difficulty

What is Female Orgasmic Difficulty?

Many females have difficulty reaching orgasm. Females who encounter an absence or delay of orgasm following normal sexual activity and excitement may have a condition called female orgasmic disorder.1 There are many factors that can affect a female’s ability to achieve an orgasm. Many of these factors can be overcome, however. With the right steps, females do not necessarily have to live with being unable to achieve orgasm.

Low Sexual Desire

Insufficient Lubrication

Painful Intercourse

Pain or discomfort during intercourse is quite common among females and some males.  About 60% of females experience painful intercourse at least once during their lifetime. Painful intercourse can also affect males; however, it is not as common. Dyspareunia it is defined as chronic pain in the genital area either during or shortly after intercourse.1 Dyspareunia can be caused by many physiological and psychological factors, and the symptoms and description of pain may vary from person to person.