Can We Get Pregnant If... (For Her)

The Definition of Rape

            In the United States, rape has long been a punishable offense, and now the possibilities for punishment are even greater.  Prior to a groundbreaking courrt case in California in 2003, the law read that rape did not occur when a woman initially consented and then later withdrew her consent.

Sex Tourism

Sex tourism the is of traveling with the primary motivation to engage in commercial sexual relations.1 Every year, millions of sightseers visit the sex tourism hubs of underdeveloped or developing nations in search for sex, intimacy, exoticism, adventure, and freedom from social constraints. Many sex tourists seek an experience beyond the realm of their everyday lives without the usual consequences or cost that accompanies inappropriate sexual behaviors.



Polygamy is marriage to more than one spouse at a time.  The person married to several spouses could have more than one wife, more than one husband, or both.  The topic of polygamy is taboo, and unfortunately, many people are uneducated about the subject.