Sex And Depression

Depression is a very common mental disorder impacting the lives of millions of Americans every year.1 In addition to affecting a person’s mood, energy, and physical health, depression can also impact an individual’s sex life, both in terms of desire and function.2 Fortunately, depression can be treated and there are resources available to ease the burden of depression.

An Overview of Kinky Sex

“Kink” is loosely defined as anything outside normal sexual activity. What is considered “kinky” or unconventional is often subjective and informed by cultural norms, thus, there is no universal definition of kink. In this article, we will identify kinky sex based on cultural norms in the United States; however, we acknowledge that every individual has their own definition of kink.

Dating Applications for Gay and Bisexual Men

In the past decade or so, technology has revolutionized the way that men who have sex with men (MSM) can connect and meet with potential partners. This new territory is highly digital, and functions largely on smartphone applications which use the phone’s GPS signal to find other gay and bisexual app users in the surrounding areas.

Anesthesia During Childbirth

Eating Skinny vs. Eating Healthy

Many people assume that if someone is skinny, that they are also healthy.  But this is not always true.  Skinny people usually associate thinness with being healthy.  Because they are skinny, they assume that they are also healthy and that they need not worry about many health issues that overweight people face, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.