If You Think You Have an Eating Disorder

Sexual Positions for Pregnant Couples

Pregnant individuals often worry about how pregnancy will affect their sex lives, as their bodies will undergo significant change.  Often, favored sex positions can become awkward or uncomfortable as the pregnancy advances and the baby continues to grow.

Personal First Time Sex Stories

Safe and Dangerous Dieting: The Fad Dieting Epidemic

What Is a Fad Diet?

Due to an increased exposure to “ideal body types” in society, weight loss has become the focus of advertisements, social media accounts, health programs, and even social groups. Nowadays, it is difficult to engage with pop culture and the news without hearing about some type of new diet or weight loss program. Weight loss can be beneficial to one’s health in many cases, however, the introduction of Fad Diets has proven to increase risks associated with the desire to live a “more fit” lifestyle.1

Bodily Autonomy

Does every human have inherent inalienable rights? In other words, are there rights that every human has that cannot be taken away? If so, then what are they, and how far do they extend? These are fundamental questions that are often asked in political and philosophical discussions. The trouble is that some rights that sound perfectly intuitive and natural to some are very alien to others. Furthermore, using intuition is unreliable, as intuitive reasoning is extremely biased and can often lead to absurd outcomes.