Can I have sex when I have a yeast infection?

Yes. A woman most likely will not transmit a yeast infection to her partner during sex since it is NOT an STI. However, using protection is recommended if one partner has a yeast infection. That way, partners will not reinfect each other with the infectious form of yeast that may have caused the original outbreak. A male partner may experience some itching, but yeast infections do not grow on dry skin (like that of the shaft of the penis). Yeast organisms thrive mostly in warm, moist environments.

Can I have sex if I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)?

Yes. A UTI is not contagious. Having sex will not delay the healing process once antibiotics have been started. However, friction on already-inflamed tissue may worsen the symptoms of the UTI. Having sex with a UTI will not pose any health risks, but may be slightly uncomfortable. Do what feels right for you body.

If the condom rolled up during sex is there any chance of pregnancy?

The condom stayed on the tip of the penis, could I still have gotten her pregnant? 

The latex condom is the only form of birth control that provides protection from both sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.

Are there any dangers in oral sex?

What are the dangers of giving/receiving fellatio (blowjob)?

Giving or receiving fellatio, more commonly referred to as a “blowjob” or “head,” has the potential to be both a safe and rewarding sexual experience if both partners are prepared and communicate well with each other. All partners involved should voice their concerns and preferences prior to engaging in fellatio. Furthermore, each person should feel comfortable talking with his or her respective partner during fellatio if a problem does arise.

Could I be pregnant if my partner ejaculated on my body?

My partner and I were rubbing our genitals together with my underwear on, and later without any clothes on. We did not have penetrative sex, but he ejaculated on my body. Is there a possibility that I could become pregnant?

Technically, in this situation there is a slight to medium risk of pregnancy. However, there are multiple factors that can contribute to the likelihood of you becoming pregnant. These factors include the type of material your underwear was made of, where in relation to your vaginal opening your partner ejaculated, and the amount of time your partner’s ejaculate remained on your underwear.