Is My Hymen Intact?

FAQ: Trying to Achieve Pregnancy with Irregular Menstruation

FAQ: Is Oral Sex Dangerous?

If My Hymen Is Broken, But Not From Sex, Am I Still a Virgin?

Can My Hymen Break From Activities Other Than Sex?

      Using a tampon or fingering yourself usually does not tear the hymen, but it may stretch the initial and naturally existing hole(s).  Some women have one small opening in their hymen, while others may have a few smaller holes that could tear slightly and cause bleeding if a tampon or finger is inserted. Fingering yourself or having your partner finger you could stretch the hymen or break it. If the hymen were already gone because of physical activity, the bleeding and pain would be minimal.

FAQ: How Does Pregnancy Occur?


The Basic Idea

There are four things that must happen for a woman to become pregnant. If all of these things happen, through any means, then the woman is pregnant:

  1.  Semen enters the vaginal canal
  2.  The sperm swim through the cervix and into the fallopian tubes
  3.  The sperm penetrates the surface of a egg and fertilizes it (this is called conception)
  4.  The fertilized egg travels to the uterus and implants into the uterine wall

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