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SexInfoOnline is maintained at the University of California, Santa Barbara almost entirely by students—the Sexperts—who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality. Our site provides information on many topics related to sex, health, and relationships; at the core, we are dedicated to the idea that sharing accurate information can help people lead healthier, happier, and safer lives. We, the Sexperts, are simply a group of students who share this idea and are working with SexInfoOnline to advance it via the web, mobile apps, and in person. SexInfoOnline also operates on alternative, more social channels that offer you new opportunities to learn new information and stay up to date with all things happening in the SexInfoOnline world.

You can find out more about SexInfoOnline, our content, and the Sexperts using the information on outreach events and social media located below.

SexInfo On Social Media

We actively update InstagramTwitter, and Facebook with all new content to keep followers up to date with SexInfoOnline. Check them out for yourself!

Our social media allows users to do the following (and more!):

  • Learn more about the Sexperts with our weekly feature, “Sexpert Sunday.”
  • Receive updates on upcoming tabling events with our social outreach coverage.
  • Find out about recently published content when we spotlight a new article.
  • Stay in the loop with new developments all around the world from our shared content.

SexInfo On Campus

Throughout the year students and visitors have the unique opportunity to meet and interact with our experienced writers—the Sexperts—at our many social outreach events. Find us around campus!

Our social events include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Testing your knowledge in a game of "Spin The Bottle" trivia.
  • Meeting and speaking with the writers, or Sexperts, in person.
  • Winning free prizes in the course of becoming informed.
  • Learning more about new things happening at SexInfoOnline.
  • Earning a chance to enter into our free online raffle (details below).

Tabling Prizes and Redeeming Your Raffle Ticket

Our social outreach events around the UCSB campus generate new opportunies for the Sexperts to connect with the local community, share information, distribute safe sex supplies, engage in conversation, and answer questions concerning topics in sex, health, and relationships. Nevertheless, the central message underscoring all the information we share at any event is the importance of practicing safe sex. While this message in itself is extremely important, it becomes much more effective when accompanied with the necessary supplies for practicing safe sex. When contraceptives are available, practicing safe sex becomes a real opportunity. For this reason, individuals not only have the chance to meet the Sexperts and test their knowledge with a game of "Spin The Bottle" trivia, but they can also win a prize bag with all the essential supplies (i.e., condoms, lube, etc.) alongside a raffle ticket, candy, coupons, and stickers. 

Do you have one of these tickets?


If so, congratulations on receiving a raffle ticket at one of our tabling events! 

Using the unique code located on the back of the ticket, you have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win the following prize(s):

  1. 10 Trojan Condoms
  2. 2x Gorilla Condoms
  3. 20% off any purchase at Sweet Alley
  4. SexInfoOnline stickers

The current drawing period begins on --/--/---- and ends on --/--/----.

Please read the terms and conditions before you procced to the submission page.

The current drawing period is defined as the time between the previous drawing date and upcoming drawing date. The raffle resets at the end of each drawing period. All previous entries are excluded from the current drawing pool. Past entries do not increase your chances of winning. Only one entry per code. Duplicate entries are discarded before winners are drawn. Codes are only valid for the drawing period within which the ticket was issued to you. Codes expire at the end of one drawing period and are ineligible for entry in subsequent drawings. Entries using expired codes are disqualified from the drawing. Using expired codes will not increase your chances of winning. Winners will be drawn at the end of each drawing period, and then notified by phone and email. All winners have 48 hours from the time of first contact to claim their prize. After 48 hours, unclaimed prizes will go to a new winner drawn from the same pool of entries. Prizes that go unclaimed by three winners will be re-used for the next drawing period. 

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