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  1. Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) (Teen Corner)

    ... emergency contraception is more likely than progestin-only methods to cause adverse side effects, such as nausea. Combination pills also ... control immediately after using ECPs, but be sure to use a barrier method until your next period. Anti-progestin pills ( ella ) require ...

    r_kelly - 02/27/2018 - 17:20

  2. Are there any dangers in oral sex?

    ... allows for transmission of sexual infections, and proper barrier methods should be used to prevent this. The receiving partner should ...

    Tara Landefeld - 02/05/2017 - 10:40

  3. Seasonique

    ... no protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections . Barrier methods of contraception, like condoms , should be used in conjunction with ...

    amacke - 01/01/2018 - 16:24

  4. Vaginal Ring

    ... critical for it to be effective since it does not work as a barrier. The ring is left in the vagina for three weeks, and remains in place ... ring insertion Category:  Hormonal Methods ...

    chaack - 05/01/2018 - 20:05

  5. First-Time Sex Worries

    ... sex , shared sex toys, or kissing. To avoid exposure, a barrier method such as a  male or  female  condom should be ... up-to-date STI testing and your preferred birth control methods beforehand will prevent future stress. These topics may seem awkward to ...

    hlane - 06/16/2018 - 12:17

  6. Cervical Cancer

    ... cases. Since HPV is a sexually transmitted virus, using barrier contraceptives can help prevent females  from developing cervical ... the first to receive new, possibly more effective treatment methods while helping contribute to medical science. Some patients who ...

    hsnyder - 11/01/2016 - 23:56

  7. Birth Control Pill Overview

    ... or spreading STIs, condoms or other forms of barrier methods should be used.   Cost Birth control pills can be ...

    mdavis - 05/01/2018 - 19:54

  8. Combination Pills

    ... the endometrial lining of the uterus . There are two methods for taking combination pills. The most common method is the ... goes on.2 Every female is different and will find that some methods and variations will work better than others. How Combination ... of the pill. Using the pill in conjunction with a barrier contraceptive, such as the female condom or male condom , can ...

    mdavis - 05/01/2015 - 09:46

  9. SexInfo Lesson Plan

    ... Sexual Health Contraception Overview Barrier Methods Diaphragm Cervical Cap Male Condom ...

    ldelamare - 08/31/2016 - 17:29

  10. Trichomoniasis

    ... preventing STIs but if you are sexually active, we recommend barrier methods of contraception such as latex condoms , which are the most ...

    rmilazzo - 03/21/2018 - 13:25