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Last Name First Name Email Area of Interest
AULDRIDGE Trevor Education, rural & urban sociology, children & youth, ethnography, race, class, & gender, community action research, hip-hop
Gender, nationalism, violence against Women, feminism, regime aesthetics
BRAZZELL Melanie Critical criminology, social movements, political sociology, intersectional feminism, transformative justice
BRYANT Kristen Culture, popular culture, fandom/audience studies, play,  DIY/maker movement
BUDGE Jason Gender, sexuality, social movements, social change
BURSTON Adam Social movements, race, science and technology studies
BUSCARIOLLI Andre Conversation analysis, ethnomethodology, qualitative research, medical sociology
CARNEY Nikita Race, gender, cultural theory, migration, transnationalism, Haitian diaspora, intersectionality
CHATILLON Anna Reproduction, race, gender, intersectionality, social movements
CHOW Tiffany Education, race and ethnicity, work and occupations, tech culture
CLEGG Mariah Eco-Decentralism
COHEN Marcelle  

Culture, institutions, politics, and comp./quant. methods,

DANIPOUR Roberto  
DEVOTO Sarah Critical race theory, social psychology, feminist theory, intersectionality, mental heath, crime, law & punishment
ESPINOZA Mario Social determinants of health, health access, disparities, and policy (HIV/AIDS), race, class, gender, and sexuality , social movements, immigration
FARLEY Nicholas Qualitative methods, opioids and addiction, public health, mental illness, violence and structural inequality
FELDMAN David Critical political economy, migration, labor control, political sociology, historical materialism, social reproduction
FISHER Ryan Marxist theory, socialist theory, dialectics, ecology, political economy, critical pedagogy, race, social justice
FLOWERS Nia Black feminism, motherhood, families, intersectionality, qualitative methods
GONZALES Gabrielle Race, gender, fat studies, health inequalities
GOW Jamella Immigration and race, diaspora and transnationalism, global political economy, black studies, Caribbean studies
HARR Bridget

Culture and knowledge, race, gender, class, science and technology studies, social inequalities

HIKIDO Annie Race, class, and gender, work, travel, authenticity, globalization, ethnography, South Africa
IBARRA Jonathan Critical criminology, mass incarceration, social control, families of the incarcerated, gender & masculinity
JAY Mark  
JOSEPH Naomi Social movements, diaspora populations, transnationalism, feminist studies, intersectionality, political ideology, qualitative methods
Criminology, law & society, gender, social movements
KAPLAN Robyn  
KELEKAY Jasmine  
KING Zack  
KULICK Alex Social movements, culture, social media, gender, sexuality, inequality, health, intersectionality, technology, queer studies, law
MALDONADO Alex Migration, acculturation, race and ethnicity, intersectionality, gender
MANSKI Ben Law & society, social movements, environmental studies, public policy, global studies, comparative & historical, logics of inquiry, research methods
MAYERS Quintarrius  
MENO Marisa Race/ethnicity, multiracial identity, racial health disparities
MOORE Natasha  
NGUYEN Hoai-An Global political economy. critique of global capitalism, Vietnam and China post-socialist integration, class analysis of state and society
ORNELAS Alexandra Social movements, violence against women, race, class, and gender, feminist studies, qualitative methods, latina/o sociology
OTA Kendall  
RANGEL Salvador Citizenship, migration, nationalism, globalization, theory, marxism, political economy, class, class consciousness, ideology, law and legality, race
ROBINSON Sekani Race, gender, sociology of the body, sociology of sport
ROBLES DE LEON Idalia Inequality in higher education, radical pedagogy, anti-coloniality, inquiries of diversity discourse, immigration
RODRIGUEZ Amanda Fat women, digital media, sex and gender, embodiment, sexual subjecthood, feminities, identity construction and performance, theory
RODRIGUEZ Liliana Immigration, unauthorized migration, race/ethnicity, intra-ethnic relations, assimilation/integration, latino studies
ROYCE Tracy  
SALINAS Marisa Critical race theory/feminism, ethnic studies, latino sociology, critical education, REN, borderlands theories
SALOUR SAM Marxism, ideology, revolution, social change, development of capitalism
SORIN Cierra Raine Sexuality, gender, feminist studies, qualitative methods, BDSM, consent, social inequality, race, class
SOTO Oscar Globalization, global political economy, radical criminology, barrio pedagogy, urbanization, formerly incarcerated pedagogy as it pertains to reintegration
STERPHONE Joseph Race and ethnicity, nationalism, whiteness, citizenship, historical sociology, interaction, conversation analysis
SUAREZ Fatima Gender, intersectionalities, Latina/o families, Latina/o sociology, qualitative research methods
UNDEN Megan  
Shawn Masculinities, gender and sexuality, STS, culture, critical theory, education
Yan Ling Anne Gender, sociology of education, work and occupations, cross-national comparison
Rujun Gender, chinese society, sociology of culture
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Director of Graduate Studies
G. Reginald Daniel

Graduate Program Advisor
Erika Klukovich

3111 Social Sciences & Media Studies

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9:00 to 12:00 & 1:00 to 4:00
Monday – Friday

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