Sociology Colloquium Series

Sociology Department Colloquium Series for 2019-20

All Talks are Wednesday 12:00-1:30 p.m. in SSMS 3017

unless otherwise noted

Winter & Spring 2020


January 15:  “Behind the CV” with Schneider, Sutton, Beaman, Winder

February 19: Professional Development, talk on publishing

February 26: Dick Flacks, "Beyond the Barricades"

March 4: Alumni, Lilian Jungleib and Corrie Grosse, speak about the job market

March: PSA Practive Panel

April 29: Seth Abrutyn

May 6: Alison Pugh

May 13: Alexis McCurn

May 20: Nina Bandelj

May 27: Professional Development event, Career Day

June 3: Flacks Fund Panel




Fall 2019 Talks

October 16               

Amin Ghaziani, University of British Columbia: On John Mohr's research

*This talk will take place in SSMS 3145

October 30            

Vilna Bashi Treitler, UCSB: TBA

*This talk will take place in SSMS 3145

November  6           

Alka Menon, Yale University: TBA

November 13

Salvador Rangel, UCSB Graduate Student

*This talk will take place in SSMS 3145