Digital Book Club, G&S

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Friday, November 18, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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“Digital Book Club” talks are organized by Tristan Bridges ( and Catherine Taylor ( If you’re a member of the UCSB community, you can also request access to our list serv at “SOC genderandsexuality” for updates on our group activities.

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  • Zoom
Respectable: Politics and Paradox in Making the Morehouse Man
(University of California Press, 2022)
How does it feel to be groomed as the "solution" to a national Black male "problem"? This is the guiding paradox of Respectable, an in-depth examination of graduates of Morehouse College, the  nation's only historically Black college for men. The image of Black male success that Morehouse assiduously promotes and celebrates is belied by many of the realities that challenge the students  on this campus. Respectable gathers the experiences of former students and others connected to Morehouse to illustrate the narrow, conservative vision of masculinity molded at a competitive Black institution. The men interviewed unveil confining ideas of respectable Black manhood within a  context of relentless peer competition and sexual violence, measured against unattainable archetypes. Grundy underlines the high costs of making these men—the experiences of low-income students who navigate class issues at Morehouse, the widespread homophobia laced throughout the  college's notions of Black male respectability, and the crushingly conformist expectations of a college that sees itself as making  "good" Black men.