Elena Skapoulli - Raymond

Elena Skapoulli - Raymond
Associate Teaching Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Wednesday 10:00am-12:00pm

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SSMS 3010


Sociolinguistics, language and gender, language and identity, gender identity, gender and migration, language and youth, youth culture and globalization



Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara



My expertise lies at the intersection of gender identity, youth culture, and globalization, especially viewed through the lens of language and interaction. My research focuses on gender and youth culture, particularly on the challenges that young women experience as they encounter and manage social, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic differences. In particular, I examine the linguistic practices that young women use and the ideologies they draw on to negotiate intersectional inequalities (e.g., related to ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity), regulate inclusion in social groups, perform gender, and take up locally valued identities. By combining different methodological approaches including, ethnography, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and textual analysis, I seek to expand the interdisciplinary exploration of gender and multiculturalism drawing on linguistic anthropology, globalization, and educational scholarship, with a consistent focus on intersectional justice



SOC 164 Sociology of Education, SOC 145 Social Inequalities, SOC 122 Social Stratification, SOC 185C Cultural Theory, SOC 185G Theories of Gender and Inequality, SOC 108C Methods of Cultural Analysis