Sara Tyberg

Sara Tyberg
Graduate Student

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Tuesday 1:45pm - 3:45pm

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Gender and Sexuality, Masculinities, Violence, Dating and Intimacy, Privilege, Elites, Culture, Reproductive Health


B.A., Dickinson College


I am interested in the causes and consequences of gendered violence, and how orientations to masculinity inform acts of violence. In my MA thesis, I examine racial differences in mass shooter outcomes. I am also currently working on a project that conceptualizes entitlement to romantic relationships among young adults, exploring how entitlement may be expressed and how these attitudes intersect with other social identities and perspectives.
I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Dickinson College in 2016 where I received honors for my undergraduate thesis exploring the relationships between masculinity, misogyny, and mass school shootings. After graduating, I returned to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, where I worked in two capacities: non-profit volunteer recruitment and family planning clinical research. This work led to a co-authored publication in Contraception ( comparing appointment availability and services offered by abortion facilities versus crisis pregnancy centers.


Teaching Assistant:

Intro to Sociology (Fall 2022, Fall 2021)

Social Stratification (Spring 2022)

Theories of Gender and Inequality (Winter 2021)