Chris Santizo-Malafronti

Graduate Student

Office Hours

Wednesday 12:30pm - 2:30pm

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Race, Ethnicity, Nation; Adoption Studies; Culture; Sociology of Family; Critical Mixed Race Studies; Latinx Sociology


B.A., Swarthmore College


Chris's research looks at the experience of Guatemalan adult adoptees who have returned to Guatemala and who are post reunion with their birth families. They are interested in understanding why Guatemalan adoptees choose to return to Guatemala and how this experience informs their understanding of sense of self and belonging, both in Guatemala and in the United States; as well as how this is informed by the intersections of race, class, empire, nation, and family; both adoptive and biological. They also explore how kinship/family is constructed in both the US and Guatemalan/Central American contexts, and what happens when the two ways of understanding family come into contact.