Christina Grübler

Christina Grübler
Graduate Student


Masculinity, heterosexuality, media, science and technology studies, sociology of cultures, digital games, affective networks


B.A., TU Dortmund University

M.A., Gender & Queer Studies, University of Cologne


Christina Grübler is an interdisciplinary scholar who is working at the intersections of cultural studies, sociology, media studies and queer theory. Christina is interested in the nexus of gender, sexuality and affect, particularly in the arena of online cultures, networked movements, attention economies, and digital games. 
In particular, Christina explores how social media users, influencers and pop-culture commentators promote as well as contest binary, heteronormative ideas and ways of feeling about gender and sexuality.
Other research and publication interests: Heterosexual subjectivities, straight™ culture and developing a concept for ‘critical straightness.’
As an educator and public speaker, Christina is committed to creating compassionate spaces for knowledge sharing and critical engagement. Currently, Christina is working with the German Federal Agency for Civic Education to design a masterclass for game developers aimed at countering right-wing extremism and fostering inclusivity and solidarity in games culture.